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Digitale Public Affairs

what is digital public affairs?

The rules of influencing have changed. Traditional lobbying may still work, but the possibilities of influencing important people have stretched far beyond what traditional public affairs has to offer.

Today, you can influence in full view. Backrooms are no longer acceptable to the public. People are claiming a place for themselves in lobbying decision makers. Through their own social media channels. But also through grassroots organizations that use modern campaign methods to get their stories across.

We’ve developed an approach to digital public affairs that will not replace but strengthen traditional public affairs efforts. We use online campaigns to create and mobilize support, grassroots campaigns to make support visible to decision makers, the latest insights in behavioral science to craft a winning message, and ultra-modern tools to target exactly the people you want to reach with your campaigns.

Organizations that master these skills will be the most powerful and influential in the decades to come. You can either lead or follow. We choose to lead.

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