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Content die werkt

creating content that works

Most agencies produce content to please the client. We like to please as well, but put goals first.

The primary goal of content is not to gratify yourself, but to create something that is effective in reaching and convincing your target group. And every group has its own preferences, its own specific way of being reached and convinced.

We will find that way and create content that is impossible to ignore. That influences your target group step by step.

The internet is filled with beautiful and expensive two-plus minute animations explaining every nut and bolt of what organizations do and what they want to say. These will usually not be watched by anyone outside the organization itself. We produce stuff that works. We would rather make a cheap eight-second clip than an expensive six-minute production. If we know that that’s the best way to reach the goal.

Because that’s always our focus. And you’ll be surprised how easy it is to get distracted and create content that doesn’t work.

We will help you to focus and produce the right things.

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